Previously we met the company "Case, S.A.", as well as the desire of its partners, Tiago and João, to autonomise the different operational areas, structuring their business on a logic "a business area = an autonomous company."

At this moment all the activities are developed within "Case, S.A.". These entrepreneurs intend to restructure their business model. So how to do it, ensuring the optimization of processes, particularly at the economic-financial and tax level?

After contact with Tiago and João, UWU proposed to both a new structure, in a "Group" philosophy, having a "parent company" that functions as the holding company of the group, that is, as owner of the remaining companies (the existing ones and those to be created). Watch the video that we provide and understand, in detail, the process of creating this new business structure for Tiago and João.

If you have a situation similar to Tiago and João, do not hesitate to consult us. We will build, together with you, an optimised and properly personalised business structure.

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