From now on Portugal will make available the Online Company (Empresa Online) service to European citizens holding ID cards with digital authentication. This service will allow you to create your company in Portugal, through the internet, without being physically here.

Regarding costs, the service currently has a cost of:

• € 220.00, if the articles are taken from the pre-approved model;

• € 360.00, if the articles are specific.

If you want a brand associated, solely with a class of products or services, to the indicated value will be added € 100.00. If you choose to add classes to the brand, it will have an additional cost per unit of € 44.00.

Let's see the practical case of Armando!

Armando, a Portuguese citizen, intends together with his friend Charles, a German citizen, to establish a partnership in the local accommodation activity.

After considering all the relevant factors, they decided to establish the company "OurCorner", in Portugal.

Without the possibility of creating the online company, for the constitution of the entity, Charles would have to go to Portugal and Armando would be dependent on the availability of his colleague to constitute the entity.

However, with the Online Company (Empresa Online) service, Charles does not have to go to Portugal to start the company. Armando and Charles will only have to access the internet through the computer and, with their ID card with digital authentication, establish the company "OurCorner" without any inconvenience.

If you have situation similar to Armando or Charles and need our help, do not hesitate to contact us.

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