Despite the serious economic crisis in the last couple of years, Portugal is recovering and it is nowadays a land of real estate investment opportunities. In fact, Portugal has proved to be a prime location to invest, do business and live.

Being aware of this, UWU Solutions decided to share with you, in the following weeks, a set of 5 vĂ­deos. Here you can clarify all your doubts regarding this matter, and at the same time learn how to take advantage on this conditions.

Check here the first video where we show you the advantages of choosing Portugal to invest or live.

If you have any question regarding this matter, don't hesitate to contact us.

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The State Budget for 2017 has brought a very significant news concerning property tax: the additional tax on municipal property tax (AIMI). The taxable amount corresponds to the...

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AIMI – Know all about the new tax on municipal property

Portugal created a special regime for new residents, designed to promote the transfer of residence of skillful professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, by offering attractive tax opportunities at the individual level.

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Very good tax conditions for non-habitual residents

The traditional lease and Local Accommodation (Alojamento Local [AL] ) are different and have their own legislation. The main difference between the two is that...

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Local Accommodation Guide – Learn all requirements and obligations

"Case, S.A." has achieved significant success. Taking into account that it was founded only 3 years ago by Tiago and João, the company has already reached 300.000 euros of profit in this third year of activity, which confirms a sustained...

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CASE, S.A. – A successful company [PART 01]
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