On May 8th, 9th and 10th, UWU Solutions paid a visit to Barcelona, in order to represent Portugal at the INAA Intermediate Members Meeting 2019.

This event, promoted by INAA (International Association of Independent Accounting firms), an association where UWU Solutions represents Portugal since 2016, was one of several international meetings held throughout the year that promote networking with the other international members of this prestigious association.

Once again, it was a great opportunity not only to exchange ideas with colleagues from other countries and to get to know their realities, but also to promote our country as an investment destination. In fact, our main goal within INAA is to gather the best know-how possible to support the internationalisation of our national clients, as well as to attract foreign investment to Portugal.

We shared ideas, experiences, discussed practices in other countries, saw new faces with innovative ideas and new work processes, all in a soothing environment fostered by cultural sharing.

Our INAA partners are distributed all over the world and, together with us, they can represent the legal and tax support you need abroad!

If you want to internationalise your company, contact us!

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On May 8th, 9th and 10th, UWU Solutions paid a visit to Barcelona, in order to represent Portugal at...

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