We have been with James for four months already, and help him fulfill his idea of investing and probably live in Portugal.

Along with James, we’ve seen why Portugal is a great place to live and work, we gave a quick look through the Portuguese tax system, and went to the different ways to establish a company in our country.

Summarizing, we help James through four steps:

Now, that James has already decided to have a business in Portugal, he is asking to himself: Why should I choose UWU?

Well, let’s take a look at the services that UWU can provide to James, and answer to his last question.

In case you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Tax Consulting

Given the increasing importance of taxes on business decisions, UWU Solutions has been making an effort to bring the tax law closer to companies and investors, making it more clear and accessible. Our objective is to provide the most relevant information for all economic agents, so those ones can understand the basic concepts of the Portuguese tax system, helping them to correctly understand and apply the majority of its rules.

UWU's professionals are completely available to advice you and analyze each situation on a case-by-case basis, always seeking the best solution.

The service we provide includes:

  • Give you complete information about different types of Portuguese taxes (Income Tax, Council Tax, VAT, Property Taxes, etc.);
  • Fill and submit all tax returns;
  • Fulfil all fiscal obligations;
  • Receive all fiscal correspondence and deal with fiscal matters;
  • "Fiscal Representative" in Portugal;
  • Advise you in both personal and company best tax solutions (please check this case study)

At UWU Solutions we offer our clients a wide range of services which go far beyond the fulfilment of the law obligations, because we consider the accounting and financial information a very important tool for business management.

Our goal is to provide relevant information to our clients, in the right time, so they can make the best decisions in their companies.

The service we provide includes:

  • Finance Accounting;
  • Analytical Accounting;
  • Responsibility of certified accountants, enrolled in the "Portuguese Chamber of Chartered Accountants”;
  • Company's financial performance analysis.
Business Consulting

One of our main objectives is to help you in any way when you are starting a Business in Portugal. Given this, in addition to the fiscal and accounting perspectives, we make available a business consulting service based on:

  • Creation of effective business structures (please check this example);
  • Creation of your company or branch in Portugal;
  • Business model definition (please check this).
Human Resources Management
  • Employees salaries;
  • Personal Income Tax;
  • Social Security issues;
  • Advice on Portuguese labour legislation.

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